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The Saddleworth Hotel is, without question, the area’s finest venue for weddings, parties and family celebrations.




The Saddleworth Hotel is, without question, the area’s finest venue for weddings, parties and family celebrations.

We can accommodate dining up to 400 guests in the ballroom, with evening parties up to 500.

Friarmere will accommodate dining up to 60 and evening party up to 150, each suite with an amazing built-in sound system and light show.

We are licensed for civil wedding ceremonies - both candlelit indoors or outdoors in our beautiful sandstone gazebo - civil partnerships, renewal of vows and baby naming.

A Rolls-Royce motor car is available to ensure you arrive in style.


The Ideal Manchester Hotel

When you are looking for the ideal spot to spend your vacation, host an event, or organize a business seminar, you are inevitably going to be searching for location that has the biggest wow factor for the best possible price. You want the property you choose to be comfortable and warm, but still expertly decorated and stylish. You want the staff to be attentive but not overwhelming, so that your guests feel well taken care of rather than bothered. You’d prefer calming scenery rather than a noisy din to keep your conversations personal and help your gathering run smoothly. The food should cater to many different palettes, and be able to accommodate any allergies or sensitivities. When you are going to invest money on an event or weekend away, you want to know you’re getting the best value for your hard earned money, and that your guests are in good hands.

If you’re looking for hotels in Manchester, there is one property that stands out from all the others. The Saddleworth hotel has won the 2013 certificate of excellence from TravelAdvisor, and it is certainly no surprise. Not only is it one of the most popular places to host a luxury wedding venues in the North West, but it is in an absolutely stunning location - it’s an unbelievable picturesque spot to host any number of events. Guests from away can enjoy the views and nearby attractions - they can take some time to enjoy the view of a Roman fortress, or take a walk to the historical Stand edge Tunnel. Manchester is only a car ride away, which is great for those who are wanting to indulge in some retail therapy while staying at the Saddleworth, or enjoy the nightlife it has to offer. For a business retreat, there are gorgeous golf courses within easy reach for entertaining clients, or celebrating business deals, as well as several other leisure activities that will enhance your stay.

The Saddleworth’s accommodations rival those of the finest hotels in Manchester. Guests can choose from several beautifully decorated suites, all of which come complete with flat screen televisions, high speed internet connection, as well as many other amenities. No matter what drives you to book a room at this luxury Manchester hotel, you will absolutely love the comfortable bedding, high end Salvatore Ferragamo toiletries, and ambiance. For the ultimate Saddleworth experience, check out the hand carved four posted bed in the Grand Suite. Nothing is as luxurious as the solid oak frame, and marble fire place, which is why it’s such a popular choice for guests.

If you are looking for wedding venues in Manchester, the gardens at the Saddleworth hotel are second to none. Your photographer will be spoiled for choice while taking pictures in the magnificently groomed garden, with beautiful views of the Castleshaw valley, as well as a picturesque pine forest to serve as the ultimate backdrop for your photos. If you are staying at the hotel for an event, you can unwind and enjoy nature walking through the paths. Tea parties can be set up on the grounds, and outdoor events can be coordinated with the hotel. The beautiful sandstone gazebo is a great focal point for photographers to stage pictures around. Less expensive than a luxury wedding venue in Yorkshire, this luxury wedding venue in the North West is the perfect spot for a celebration for you and your guests to remember.

For your event, whether you are planning a gala dinner, a banquet or using the Saddleworth Hotel as a wedding venue, you can be assured the ballroom won’t disappoint. The room, which can be styled according to your event, has Swarovski twinkle ceiling lighting to add charm to the room, adding a bit of extra magic to your event. The salvaged chandeliers that you need to see to believe, will stun and impress your guests - the ballroom at The Saddleworth hotel is arguably one of the most beautiful ballrooms out of all the Manchester hotels. The ballroom can accommodate up to 400 guests, so even your larger events can be held at the Saddleworth. A cheap wedding venue in Lancashire, or even a cheap venue in Manchester won’t hold a candle for the amount you get for your money at this resort. The ballroom alone will go over and above your expectations.

If you are lucky enough to enjoy some of the cuisine the hotels dining room, the Bakers Restaurant, has to offer at the Saddleworth, you will not be disappointed. Known for its exquisite English and Continental style food, the beautifully appointed dining room will impress any diner. Enjoy a glass of fine wine from their cellar - they have something to accommodate all budgets and price points. If you are planning an event, the restaurant can cater in the ballroom - or you can book a private dining experience for as many as two, or up to thirty people. Even for those not attending an event or staying in a room at the hotel, anyone can enjoy the award winning cuisine at the Bakers Restaurant. At this property, no matter if you are checking in, eating in the dining room, or getting room service, you will always receive the friendliest, yet discreet service that will provide you with exactly what you’re looking for, without being overbearing or irritating.

If you’re planning a well-deserved retreat for your employees, or a high stakes business meeting  that you need to impress clients at, the Saddleworth Hotel has it all taken care of. Without breaking the bank, it’s the perfect place to hold conferences, dazzle clients and colleagues at board meetings, and team build with your company. No technical glitches will get in your way - the property has wireless internet in the building, and throughout the grounds for your ease. Gather together and plan your next business steps during the day, plot to take over the corporate world, and work on projects until they are absolutely perfect - after work hours are over, spoil your clients or coworkers by indulging in the award winning restaurant, with a glass of fine wine at the bar, or a create a menu with the chefs for your team.

You can host a private dining experience in the restaurant, or have your guests catered your meeting room - whatever you prefer. You can even hire the properties Rolls Royce motor car to pick up or drop off your guests or colleagues from the train station or airport - it’s the small touches that turn your experience at the Saddleworth property from average to spectacular. If you’re looking to host mid-week business gatherings, it’s the absolute ideal spot for your needs.


One of the best wedding venues in the area

Of course one of the reasons this property is one of the leading hotels in Manchester, is for its wedding accommodations. This hotel is one of the leading wedding venues in the area, because of its sprawling garden and the phenomenal ballroom. When you are planning a wedding, there are so many details to consider. Where to have your rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, and where should your bridesmaids get ready? If you don’t want to have everyone scattered the night before the wedding, staying at a hotel is the best bet to ensure everyone is where they need to be in order to get ready for the big day. Coordinate with the restaurant to host your rehearsal dinner the night before, and do a rundown of the ceremony in the garden. If you’re not from the area and are unsure what vendors to use - the experienced staff at the Saddleworth hotel in Manchester can guide you to some reputable wedding vendors in the area.

Get ready in style at the Saddleworth hotel. Gather up your bridesmaids in a suite to get your hair and make-up done - have the groom and his attendees get ready down the hall after they play a round of golf nearby. Whether you opt to have your ceremony inside the hotel or outside on the perfectly manicured lawn of the garden, the landscape and backdrop at the Saddleworth will make your day that much more special. The added bonus of having an indoor area to have the ceremony in case of bad weather is always something for a bride and groom to consider - if rain or strong winds threaten to wreak havoc on your wedding day, you can simply move the party inside, one of the many benefits of being married on site.

Coordinate with the hotel to plan the perfect day for you and your sweetheart - if you have spent your relationship trying out new cuisines and consider yourselves to be huge foodies, then plan a menu with the chefs. You can serve your guests phenomenal cuisine while celebrating your marriage all in one place.

If decor isn’t your specialty, browse through the numerous wedding pictures taken on the property. Grab ideas from couples who have used the Saddleworth as their wedding location, and see how amazing and different the ballroom can look when it is decorated for an event. This property can truly be customized to be the perfect spot for any couples taste - whether you are inclined to have a shabby chic, rustic style wedding - or an ultra-glam celebration, with as many rhinestones, crystals and feathers that you can fit into the space, the ballroom can be customized for you.

Wedding guests will be entranced by the unbelievable views the property has to offer. Lush green fields against a bright blue sky is the perfect setting for an idyllic celebration. Your family and friends from out of town can explore the Pennine landscape, which can be enjoyed simply by taking a walk, or a leisurely drive in the car. There is natural moorland surrounding the valley - which lends to gorgeous panoramic scenery that can’t be missed. The Dove Stones reservoir is always a popular spot for newcomers to check out! Even though your guests come to the Saddleworth to support and celebrate you on your wedding day, they will remember their time in England’s North West as a beautiful, relaxing getaway in the country.


Start your planning!

If you’re serious about planning an event that will wow your guests, make them feel comfortable, cared for, and relaxed, then forget about looking for a cheap wedding venue in the UK. The goal isn’t to be cheap - it’s to get value for your money. The views from this property are well worth the extra money, and the attention you will get from the staff is second to none.

Paying a premium for quality service and surroundings will give you the peace of mind that your day is perfectly in order. No disorganized lobbies, or chairs crammed into every nook and cranny. The serene beauty of The Saddleworth Hotel property is that of a beautiful well-kept estate home - dramatic and breathtaking. From the linens on the tables in the restaurant, to the chandeliers adorning the ceilings in the ballroom - attention to detail isn’t an afterthought, it’s an absolute priority.

The convenience of having your guests stay at the hotel is also a huge benefit. Don’t worry about your guests having a few too many glasses of champagne and getting behind the wheel - they can book a room at the hotel, or they can simply be chauffeured to where they need to go by the properties Rolls Royce. Having piece of mind that your guests are safe is something you don’t necessarily think of when planning an event - and at this hotel, you don’t have to think of it at all.

Planning your wedding or event can be extremely stressful. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a helping hand. Contact The Saddleworth Hotel today to get information and tips about how to plan your event so that it’s cost effective, fun, and goes off without a hitch. For an event space, business meeting spot, or wedding venue in the North West, get in touch with the planning experts at The Saddleworth Hotel. 

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beautiful saddleworth wedding
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